The portfolio of temporary work platforms is manufactured by Easi-Dec Access Systems Ltd, a subsidiary of the Kee Safety Group based in Sandy, Bedfordshire, UK. The range of platforms include the following;

  • Easi-Dec - A work platform designed for two people, fully enclosed by a guardrail which can be extended by joining a catwalk between two Easi-Decs to form a Roofline System.

  • Mono-Dec - A single operative platform which can be extended by use of a catwalk joining onto another Mono-Dec to form a Trimline System.

  • Solar-Dec - A platform specifically designed to facilitate the installation of Solar panels. The platform incorporates a hoist facility and an opening in the floor of the platform to raise solar panels up to roof level. This can be extended by a catwalk linking a Solar Dec and an Easi-Dec to form a Solar Access System.