KEE ROOFPOINT fall arrest anchor solutions provides a range of permanently fixed roof anchor points designed to promote safer working on roofs. ROOFANKA and RIDGANKA offer solutions to solve different access problems when used correctly in conjunction with the appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). Each of the products has been independently tested by the N.E.L. (National Engineering Laboratory, East Kilbride, UK).

ROOFANKA is a comprehensive range of fall arrest anchors for use on most types and sizes of roof support, either as a single point anchor device or as a structural anchor.  When used for Fall Arrest, ROOFANKA serves as a fall arrest anchor, ladder hook and crawling board clamp for the attachment of industrial safety belts and harnesses as well as being used to secure roof ladders, crawling boards and work platforms. ROOFANKA is CE approved to the PPE Directive and conforms to Class A2 & C EN 795, Class A EN 517.

RIDGANKAis a permanently fixed, secure fall arrest anchor specifically designed to be mounted at the ridge of a pitched roof. RIDGANKA is CE approved to PPE Directive and conforms to Class A1 EN 795.  POSTANKA is a comprehensive range of anchor pedestals for use with horizontal flexible safety lines or as supports for single point anchor devices.

Our technical team can offer practical assistance either over the phone or by fax or if required check your designs or drawings for compliance with safety standards.