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Kee Gate Range Launched

Kee Gate Range Launched

Kee Safety’s industrial safety gates provide a reliable safe access solution for any openings, ladder/stair access points, roof hatches and other restricted areas where access is required. Our industrial gates are spring loaded and will automatically close behind the user.

The gates are CE marked and complaint with international standards:

EN ISO 14122 Part 3 & Part 4
Test requiriements of EN 13374 Class A

The industrial safety gates have passed salt spray testing to ASTM B117 - 11 - 55 Neutral solution over 200 hours to assess performance of coating to resist corrosion.

Life cycle testing has also been carried out to BS 6375-2:2009 Clause 6.5 – Opening and closing of Gate through 90 degrees 50,000 cycles giving it class 4 – UK category of duty –Medium.

Industrial gate options

Kee Safety’s industrial safety gates are available in either galvanised or polyester powder coated finish - in safety yellow. The gates are supplied 1 metre wide and have been designed to be trimmed on-site to suit.

The centres of the ‘U’ bolts for attaching the gate have also been reduced to ensure they fit within the top and mid-rail of standard handrails. The mounting plate has now radiused corners to minimise snagging.

The standard fixing ‘U’ bolts are supplied with the safety gate for fixing to uprights of 33.7, 42.4 and 48.3 mm diameter.  When fixing the gate to square, flat or angle uprights an additional optional fixing pack can be used (shown above).

We also designed new packaging so your safety gates will arrive now in new boxes, ensuring that the gates are in a good condition and not damaged.

Spring loaded safety gates

Safe access and egress on ladders, roof hatches, walkways and industrial machinery is important.  When you are considering safe access from a stairway, ladder or guardrail, self-closing spring loaded gates will allow you to follow best practices and comply with current safety standards.

The benefit of these types of access is that the gates are spring loaded so automatically close behind the user.  This overcomes the problem of user error and ensures that voids are not created when accessing a roof or other dangerous areas.