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Fall Protection Tops the List of OSHA’s Top 10 Safety Violations for 2015

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced the top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety violations at the 2015 National Safety Council Congress and Expo in Atlanta, Georgia.

Leading the list with 6,721 violations was fall protection followed by Hazard communication with 5,192 violations. Scaffolding, respiratory protection, lockout/tagout, powered industrial trucks, ladders, electrical/wiring methods, machine guarding and electrical/general requirements followed in order.

Deborah Hersman, National Safety Council president and CEO, stated "In injury prevention, we go where the data tell us to go... The OSHA Top 10 list is a roadmap that identifies the hazards you want to avoid on the journey to safety excellence."

The preliminary figures for the 2015 fiscal year are as follows:

Fall Protection – 6,721 Violations
Hazard Communication – 5,192 Violations
Scaffolding – 4,295 Violations
Respiratory Protection – 3,305 Violations
Lockout/Tagout – 3,002 Violations
Powered Industrial Trucks – 2,760 Violations
Ladders – 2,489 Violations
Electrical, Wiring Methods – 2,404 Violations
Machine Guarding – 2,295 Violations
Electrical, General Requirements – 1,973 Violations

The final report on the top 10 violations for 2015 will be published in the December edition ofSafety+Health magazine.

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