Company Overview

Separating People from Hazards.

Company Overview

Separating People From Hazards

Kee Safety is a leading global supplier of safety systems and solutions focussed primarily on hand rail, guard rail and barrier systems. The foundations of the business go back to 1934 in the UK, when KEE KLAMP fittings were first designed for use in the agricultural sector. Nowadays, KEE SAFETY is a global company with a significantly expanded product portfolio of safety equipment, all designed to separate people from hazards.

From the simple barrier systems of the 1930's has evolved a far more sophisticated range of products and applications, fuelled by the plethora of safety regulations which now prevail and which are being adopted around the globe. We serve every size of customer and client either directly or through a network of distributors or installers and with a burgeoning presence on the internet the business continues to expand. The business is focussed on selling products which comply with the relevant standards for the territory; compliance is a big issue and one that is taken very seriously. Our products are tested and approved to meet the requisite national standards, wherever they are sold.

A Constantly Developing Safety Product Range

The KEEGUARD Roof Edge Fall Protection System is a world leader in its field, providing a reliable, permanent, collective fall protection system that does not penetrate the roof membrane. This modular roof edge protection system meets or exceeds prescribed safety standards including OSHA, EN & CDM Regulations.

The United States and Canada offer a roof hatch fall protection system, KEE HATCH designed for safe access around a roof access point. Also available is a permanent safety railing kit KWIK KIT that can be quickly and easily installed in any location.

Specifically developed for skylight fall protection, KEE DOME is a free standing guardrail system which does not penetrate the roof membrane. Supported by recycled PVC weights, this product provides an easily constructed skylight barrier which can remain as a permanent fixture or be easily dismantled and moved elsewhere.

The KEE ANCHOR portable dead weight man anchor system is designed for use where collective protection is not a viable option. KEE ANCHOR has been designed to provide a safe working environment where either fall arrest or fall restraint is required. The basis of our system is the WEIGHTANKA dead weight product which is suitable for use on a number of roof surfaces. Additionally this can be used to link a horizontal safety line between numbers of base systems to which a worker can attach for safe access along a roof; this being known as our WIREANKA system. The dead weight also forms the platform from which ACCESSANKA can be attached which offers a safe portable product for rope access workers to abseil down buildings.

Our Fall Protection portfolio also includes a range of safety eyebolts KEE IBOLT and a range of of anchor points for flat and pitched roofs KEE ROOFPOINT. There is also a free standing demarcation system KEE MARK, which is ideal for temporary situations.

KEELINE engineered lifeline system is designed for use in both horizontal and overhead applications while KEE WALK is an adjustable roof top walkway system.

KEE KLAMP cast iron tubular fittings and KEE LITE lightweight aluminium tubular fittings offer an extensive range of components which can be used to develop bespoke safety railing, handrail and guardrail solutions. KEE ACCESS tubular fittings are used for handrails to comply with the UK Equality Act and the American Disability Act (ADA).

Kee Safety also offers versatile steelwork fixing solutions widely used in curtain walling and other secondary steelwork applications. BEAMCLAMP steel to steel connection products secure new steelwork, grating and floor plate into position; BOXBOLT an approved blind cavity fixing is used in structural steelwork where access is restricted to one side only.

Kee Safety also offers the tailored industrial flooring and handrailing systems provided by the group's BRITISH STANDARDS GRATINGS business and safe rapid access solutions for working at height, widely used for replacement window and solar panel installation, offered by it's EASI-DEC - Access Systems business.